Time with Daffney

Where it ends up we will never know.

Peter Piper Picked a Pack of Pickled Peppers, If Peter Piper Picked a Pack of Pickled Peppers. Where is the Pack of Pickled Peppers Peter Piper Picked.

This is the fastest I can say this tongue twister. Peter Piper was also the first tongue twister that I learned as a child. I was never able to do it very fast.


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How Fast Can You Go?

Pick out your tongue twister and practice.

I will be using audacity to record this challenge. When you open it the program looks like this.

I wanted to start the audio with the sound of a starter gun so I first import that sound. Go to the top menus, click File, press Import, and finally accept everything.

Now you can press the Red Circle record button. The recording will begin immediately but will be added to the the portion where the first sound ends. To make your screen look like mine you can collapse sounds by pressing the little arrow located near the very bottom left of the sound personal controls.

I decided to add some background music.

Then using the sliding tool (the one that looks a double sided arrows) move the music left and right to change the start of the music.

I also did not want the music to overshadow anything so on the left sliders of the music I slide the top slider closer to the minus sign (-). This will hush only the music.

Now select the tool that looks like an ‘I’ on the top by the Record button.

Snip off all the music that goes past the voice track. You can Highlight it and then press BackSpace.

The last thing I did is fade out the music. Highlight the end of the music, on the top menu click Effect, find and press Fade Out. Now you are done.

To save as one playable piece click File, Export as, mp3. Then choose a place and name the file.

Accept everything.

Insert all the information you need.

How well did you do?

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