Thanks for tumbling in and stopping by. Blogging is a new and exciting experience for me. I tend to be very inactive when it comes to social media and avoid being any kind of creator so this is all new to me! So lets see if I can do this right. Here is a little sound bite about me.

To help my future I wish to join the military. So at UMW I have entered into the ROTC program… which was more fun than I was expecting.

Break time
Field Training break.

I am not usually one for camping, but I got to experience field training. This is where we got to put into practice all that we had currently learned about military field tactics at the time. It wasn’t all fun and games and there were times I felt like quitting. Thankfully I have a wonderful family and a sister that pushes me on.

Sister selfie
Sister Selfie

Most people are surprised by the age gap between us, especially since we are both in college at this time.

Hope you enjoyed this small intro, hope to see you back!