A picture can say a thousand words. In our class we learned more about the art of photography. Then we were challenged to try and take as many pictures based off of a list in a 15-minute time period. I initially chose to try the photoblitz at the National Harbor specifically for the Gaylord Hotel. The grounds at the Gaylord and harbor were in my minds eye perfect for what I needed. Unfortunately upon my arrival the Gaylord was corded off, most of the harbor closed, and the weather was unfavorable. I forced to take a moment and think. Where could I go that I knew I could find most if not all of the photos. I would have gone with downtown Alexandria, another waterfront town with classical charm and appeal. I feared that I would stumble upon the same problem that I had with the Gaylord and National harbor. On top of everything I needed somewhere which had artificial lighting that would cast shadows, because it was overcast and I wanted the opportunity to find and interesting shadow.

That is when I though of Tysons Corner II. Tysons corner would have also probably have worked, but the crowd density would have been too much. At Tysons Corner II the challenge would be much easier to accomplish. First things first I walked around and looked for ideas. With my mind set I was off. Now be kind I only have a phone to take pictures.

First a photo showing the starting time.

Start Time

The first photo I found was two things that don’t belong. Using a planter, turning my phone upside down; I put the focus on a leaf. I wanted the technology in the back to be bright and contrast from the darker shades of the nature. A lesson I learned from the basics of photography in the ds106 handbook.


Nature vs. Technology

The second phot was and interesting shadow. I liked that the larger glass bubble makes it seem like there is another cover over the inner glass piece. Here I tried to play with contrast. The white background and the semi-invisible bubble brings the eye towards the darker areas of the phot both in and out of the bubble. Since the angle of the photo makes the only curved shadow to be around the inner glass object it is significantly more interesting to the eye.

The Background Means More

The third photo was another interesting endeavor. This was my photo of something futuristic. Here we have the tree of tomorrow as it produces power, light, and oxygen. Just kidding. Here the angle was important as well as the tree. I went to see a couple of the different trees around the mall, but this had the better angle and light that I needed. I laid on the floor, head towards the tree, and phone upside down to be able to get the best possible angle to extend the length of the tree and make it more mystical.

Point of View

The next photo showed an inanimate object more alive. I have always loved the more posable mannequins in stores, they just steal the show.


For my symbol of complexity I chose the hounds tooth pattern. As an avid quilter, knitter, and crochet artist no pattern gives me more headaches than this one.

More Difficult Than it Looks

This was also another interesting find. This image was to photograph converging lines. This was also a soothing pattern but difficult to capture. I had to try multiple angles for it work and still had to crop off most of the photos edges.

Coming Apart to Come Together Again

A solid colored item was harder to find than I thought. There are so many things made of multiple shades and colors. I found a sweater with a good color and details to boot!

Feeling a Little Pink

Time is up no more photos. I finished up a shoot with the picture of the last item with the first item I also photographed, the time.


This was soo much fun. It was sad that I was unable to go to the Gaylord for my photoblitz but I still liked getting interesting. My favorite image was the image of the tree be far. I had to get creative to get the shot and people were looking at me while I was on the floor trying to get this shot.