Time with Daffney

Where it ends up we will never know.

The Collage of Daffney

Now before people get up in arms about it just being a bunch of stuff dumped into a pile I would like to say I went through a good thinking process. Including the amount of colors present, the height, and so on. I didn’t want to use words because I have never been a person that is good with them. I have a powerful mind and working hands. As well as a sweet tooth.

Some Things to Consider for Yours

Think about colors. Think about the background, the foreground, will it be digital or like mine with actual items? How will this affect your color schemes. If you are using words think about fonts. They say a lot about words. Be careful with word choices especially if you will have no complex sentences or sentences in general; words are loaded with meaning. Mind your empty space. You do need some breathing room but don’t leave your collage feeling empty. Have fun with it. Good Luck!

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