Time with Daffney

Where it ends up we will never know.

It only seemed fitting to introduce this art with a song that makes me think about viewing the world differently. Enjoy the bouquet.

flowers inverted
Stopping to smell the Flowers

How It was Done

For starters you will need the editing program gimp, this photo editor will make your life 100% easier in this assignment.

When you open you should come to an empty space like the one below.

Click on File on the top left corner. Then click open.

From here you can search for the photo file you will want to use. Gimp supports many such as jpg, gif, and more. If the file you are trying is not in a supported type you will sadly have to save it as something else. Once you have selected the photo to use it will open (hopefully). It may ask you if you would like to rotate or keep normal, choose which ever you prefer. If there is an embedded color profile simply accept and continue on.

From here you will simply open the colors menu.

Find and click Invert as you see above. You can play around with the other types of invert gimp provides, but I chose the classic suited me best.

Tadaa!! You have an inverted photo. Now gimp will automatically save to an xcf file. Which is really only usable in the gimp program. To save your photo press File then Export. You will then see:

At the top where it says “Name:” change the name of the file and the type. Here mine says flowers normal.jpg. I tend to stick to jpg files you can use whichever you need. Now you are done congrats on your inverted photo!

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