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Where it ends up we will never know.

This project takes a lot of pre work. We are making a radio ad for our world so look for some good background music. Go to freesound.org for some good services.

I will be using Audacity for my recording. So open her up.

It is easier to first record yourself before you add in music. To start this process press the button on the top center with the red circle on it (the record button). To stop the recording press the grey square (the stop button).

Now go back and listen to it again. Using the highlight tool (the one that looks like an ‘I’) and the backspace to get rid of any unnecessary pauses, sounds, or empty spaces.

Great, ads need music so we are click on File, Import, and then Audio.

Look for your song and click Open.

Okay the sound of the music is way to loud for the ad and the voice doesn’t come through. To the left of each track there are a couple of sliders per track. Slide the music closer to the (-) and the voice closer to the (+).

Okay. In this instant the music runs longer than the voice. Highlight the music from where you want it to end to get rid of it.

Okay lets fade out the end of the music. Highlight a small section of the end. On the top Menu click on Effect and then find Fade Out.

Okay I like it. So now to save it. Click on the File, Export, and I want an mp3.

Find a place to put it and name it. Click Save.

Click Ok.

Fill out any info.

All Done!

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