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Where it ends up we will never know.

My mother has spent years telling me that I am going to go deaf since I always have my headphones on. I listen to loud music to run, get energized, study, or even when I am just bored. I have never been someone who actually listened to podcasts. I dislike listening to radio simply because of the advertisements and my dislike of some of the songs. I love music, can play the flute, but in no way can I write music and my reading is currently subpar at best. So naturally audio was a little more difficult.

First were the lessons brought to us by Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad. You can read a more detailed summary of what I learned and heard from these videos on my summary blog called Gut Churn and Tips. A quick summary is be yourself, make mistakes, practice, and learn from you experience. No one is perfect at doing any of this from the start.

Then we needed a more guided example of tips and trick to use in our audio assignments. I go more into the lesson in my blog post Inside the Noise. A small recap of the post is use sounds be it music or other noises to make an entrance or exit. Use it to make a statement. Give depth with layers at different volumes, but be careful that nothing is too loud at any point. You sounds to bring up memories to make use of all the senses.

Then we got to put our new knowledge to the test. We got to listen to Moon Graffiti. Here on the blog On the Moon I say what I noticed was used. There was a good amount of audio stacking and definite great audio manipulation. There were times when it sounded like I had one character to my left and the other character to the right. It was a great audio.

My turn! It was my turn to practice making audio entertainment. First my story Is it Really Deja-Vu? is more of a thriller. I go to practice ambient sounds and making sound affects. A slightly simpler one was my Tongue Twister challenge, race me if you dare! After that head over to hear my Homophone Poem that I wrote. My last submission for this 12 star limit was actually something I have been pondering for some time, My Reason to be in ds106.

I get to flex my creative muscle with the online daily creates. Check out my favorites this week. Alien Movie Poster where we make an up and coming feature film poster about aliens. Western Footwear I still say this is the most western footwear out there. They are loud, proud, and weird!

I did not get comments outside of the ones from the teacher. That may have been my fault simply because I realized just this week that all my comments were turned off. I fixed it, but it may have been too late. I did talk to the Professor about my stress with this class due to the short time period that we have. It helped a lot simply because I was able to realign myself with what she expected from me. I had been taking all the joy out of this class stressing over perfection and it isn’t about perfection. We are learning new skills, art forms, and ways of communication that have come about the digital age. Stories for the longest time have been by word of mouth before they became visual. By learning the audio portion of storytelling we are reaching back to those roots and really looking at how can I make current storytelling still up to par with today in a traditional way. Electronic media is becoming more wide spread and more accessible to farther reaches than traditional media was able to reach. News more widespread, art getting more attention, and voices from areas no one thought to look being heard. Not all of it is good though, there can be lies, stealing, and the volume of sheer noise. How do we combat this with what we are putting out into the world ourselves? And in the end is it worth the effort? Look at it this way. I have spent countless of hours creating stuff I am not happy with because I still feel it it incomplete, but it is out there. I learned to make it and I produced something.

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