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Where it ends up we will never know.

Out in the lakes of some long forgotten town lived a school of koi fish. They were not the most prominent group of fish, but they were happy.

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They had each other to rely on, sun to bathe their shiny scales, and plenty of food. Some of the catfish laughed at the carp, “You are just pretty fish, no good at anything.”

Catfish in Doctors Gully in the Northern Territory
BBC News

The eel poked its’ head out of his home or proclaimed, “You lot just have no bite!”

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A featherback swam by and said, “Why if you didn’t stay as a group you would be picked off one by one.”

The school of koi paid them no mind. They were happy in the lake and didn’t need to be better at anything. Time went on and soon spring came. The weather turned, the seas grumbled, and soon the lake found itself as home to a new species…the bull shark.

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He was mean, fast, and worst of all hungry. The catfish floated to the bottom of the lake, the eel slithered back on home, and the featherback swam as far away as possible. The koi didn’t pay no mind, they were far to busy with their up and coming trip.

“Why don’t you cower?”, cried the other fish.

The koi simply replied, “We are going up the river and over the waterfalls. Back to where we were born. We will be safe there.”

The other fish stared. “There is no way you can make that it is much too hard and you are much too weak”, said that featherback.

So the koi began their trip. As the waters pushed on them they pushed forward and onward with more gusto. Then they came to the waterfalls, the last hurdle of their journey. They began to leap only to fall back down.

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They started to become discouraged. One little koi in the back who was barely earning his spots said, “Lets try again, what is the worst that can happen?” So again they leapt. They continued on all day and night; focusing only and getting slightly higher then next time. When the sun rose on the next day all the koi had made it to the top of the waterfalls, happy and safe.

Koi Motivational Poster – Daffney Myers

You never know your true strength until you try.

Making Your Own

  1. Open your chosen simple photo/picture making editor. Today I will use Microsofts Paint 3D that comes pre-installed in the computers.
New Project Start

2. Click on Menu. Then click on Insert.

3. Choose the photo that will be your center focus point. Click open

4. Next on the top you will click on canvas. This will give you the menu to the right. We are going to fix the fact that right now the main photo takes up all of canvas space.

Make sure the Resize Image with Canvas is not marked! This is important.

5. Time to resize. For best results drag the canvas from the upper right hand corner up and out. Then drag from the lower left hand corn out and down. You want to give yourself enough working space. It should look like you could copy your image 4 times in the space.

6. Click on Brushes on the top menu to get out of canvas.

7. Next pick the select tool, located underneath menu. You are going to drag from one corner of your photo to the next to be able to manipulate it. Try not to leave anything laying around. Drag you picture up and center with some margin allowance. Click on the image again to get rid of selection.

8. Click on 2D Shapes on the top menu. Click on square.

9. Time to make a border drag your course from one corner diagonally to the next cover the entire edge with a border. Change the thickness and color to what ever you see fit. I chose a thicker blue line.

10. Click on Text on the top menu next. Find the Fonts you feel convey your message best. Choose 2D text, Font, make the initial font the biggest you can without exceeding the canvas. You will want to make the font one color and the background whatever color you will do for the rest of the project. Make the First box under your photo. Remember the First box usually only has 1 word, the message. I would hit enter before you exit. Repeat for the second box, but smaller.

11. Back to brushes. Choose the pail icon on the right and a color below. Remember match the background of your words. Click on any of the leftover white space on your project.

12. Finished. Click on Menu choose save as. Then click image. Choose where to save it, a name, and file type. I tend to stick to jpeg for images. Congrats on your poster. WARNING: If you change the file type the work piece will still say untitled on the top corner, don’t worry just double check if you did save a version.

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