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Bitmoji Image

It was interesting to find out that people actually read an image, even without realizing it. The way we read words is recognizing letters and the sounds they symbolize. The way to read pictures is through shapes, colors, shades, and lines. I got to play with these ideas when I used the tips and tricks suggested by the handbook in 106. I attempted to use as many as I could in my photos that I took in the photoblitz in the mall. This was important to learn since the amount of information we receive visually is astronomical.

Handbook: https://ds106.us/open-course/unit-5-visual-storytelling/#becoming-better-photographers

Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O39niAzuapc&feature=youtu.be

I show better than I could ever type. For example:

Electronic tree

In this photo I used low lighting to make the lines look longer. I used an angle much lower than what is expected. I was laying on the floor and the camera held lower than usual and inverted so that the lens could be even lower. I also had to be extremely picky. As seen in the background of the photo there were more trees to choose from, but after doing this same photo with different tree the light and lines were better here.

Plants vs. Technology

Here the goal was to play with foreground and background. I wanted the plants to have a darker shade to them while the background would be bright and almost blinding.

Vase and shadows

Here there were multiple layers of contrast. I chose one bathed more deeply in shadows but I wanted more focus on the curved shadow behind the glass. Playing around with the angles I liked how the shadows almost seem to frame the photo.

These were some of the best photos I had taken not only in the blitz, but also in my life. This proves that visual literacy understanding is not only important but necessary. In the youtube video a comment about visual literacy being an issue of socioeconomic standing is startling. With this day and age of technology one thing that should be not only growing in understanding but in importance is visual reading.

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