Time with Daffney

Where it ends up we will never know.

So before we get to doing anything fancy we are going to need pictures to work with. Make your list no matter how fantastical.

To do list

Now it is time to go get photos of you “completing” the list. Scratch off the list and take a phot of it. Use the background to help tell your story.

I placed all the photos on my flikr account for easy download. Select all of them and download them.

You might need to create a zip file to get it.

While you wait open up gimp.

Make sure to download the file.

You will have to rename the file.

Then right click on the file and click Extract All, then Extract All.

Go through the photos and rename them in order. This may take some time.

No back to gimp. Click File and then Open.

Click on the First image of your sequence. (I did mine backwards so don’t follow the picture too closely)

Rotate and convert colors if needed.

Now go back to File and click Open As Layer and open the one right below the last one.

Follow all the steps from the previous picture.

Do this until you have added all your photos.

Now click on File and then Export as.

Find where you want to put it, give it a name, and make sure the file is a gif file. (Example: ToDo.gif) Click Export when you are ready.

For once we will be changing things. First click on As animation. Then change the frames delay time (only if you really want to). Make sure Loop Forever is on. Then click Export.

Some hints this may take some time. I would also not have anything else open and running while it is doing this. The more pictures it has to deal with the higher the probability of a crash. Just give it a few and then you have a lovely animated GIF!

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