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Where it ends up we will never know.

I miss the movies. They were my go to thing on Tuesdays. Family movie night just isn’t the same. Thank goodness I have a plethora of some of my favorite movies in disk form. You know, just in case I can’t find anything on Netflix!

I watched a movie today that is known for the impact it caused. Here are four icons/pictures I feel represent the movie. Can you guess which movie I watched?

What Movie Did I Watch? – Daffney Myers

Give it a try!

I am probably doing something super extra and some weird things, but if you do it my way I know it works through personal experience.

  1. I start off by opening Microsoft PowerPoint, weird I know hang in there.

2. Click on the Insert on the top Menu bar.

3. Click on the drop down arrow on the Picture option. Then choose Stock Images!

4. I like the minimalist so I chose to look through Icons. I hope you know what movie you want to represent, look for things to represent it. The great thing is you don’t have to go one by one.

5. Click insert and separate the images out to the spacing you like.

5. Click on one of the images, go to the new Graphics Format Menu, and change the border or fill colors if need be.

6. Now add a border if you want one by going to Insert and clicking on shapes. You will get a blue box over everything at first, but don’t panic that is easy to fix.

7. In the Menu you are currently in Click the drop down menu for Shape Fill and click No Fill. Change the border to whatever you like. I like a thin black line.

8. Now either drag and highlight over every item or press ctrl and pick every item. Then right click, find Group, and click Group. This makes everything one big item.

9. Right click again. Now look for save as picture. You will then choose the name, where to save it, and what type to save it as. I chose jpeg. Now have people try and guess your movie!

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