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Where it ends up we will never know.

There are multiple ways to do this. I will be using gimp to make a fake charity flyer for my story. Open up a new gimp.

On the top menu on the left Click File the New.

We need to pick a size. Flyers are the size of a sheet of paper so click on Template and look for US Letter.

Click OK. I will be keeping the white background since most flyers are printed out of office paper so people usually don’t add a lot of color.

Create square shapes by clicking on the rectangle selector tool. Then using the paint bucket fill in the squares to add in color and things. Change the color by clicking on the squares below the tools box on the left. Make sure your paint bucket has the selection of Fill Selection on.

Click outside of the boxes you create to unhighlight them and work on other things. Using the paint brush you can hold shift and click two points. Then a straight line will appear between the two points you cleared.

Now using the paint brush with the Fill by Line Art Detection selection fill in any shapes you create.

You might have to go in with the paint brush.

Awesome job. Now time to tell our fake people the 5 w’s. Who, what, where, when, and why…a good flyer will play with your emotions to get you to participate. On the left tools box select the tool that looks like an ‘A’ and insert it into your flyer. Type out your info. Play with multiple boxes to get different shapes, colors, and looks.

For each text box go to the layering tool box on the lower right, right click on the layer with an ‘A’, and click merge Down.

Continue until you are happy.

Now to save go to the top menu click File and then find and click on Export As.

Give it a name, a file type, and a location. Then click Export.

Click Export again.

Wow what a nice flyer!

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