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In my story my character went to a superhero run camp on how to become a superhero. She kept the poster even though she kind of hates heros. Here is how I made mine so you will be able to make yours.

I will be using the free application called Gimp. So start up a new empty gimp.

On the very top Menu click on File and then New.

It will want to know the size of the project. Click on Template find the US Letter (300 ppi) size. I will be using a landscape view. Click Ok.

Great you now should have an empty canvas.

The First think I want to think about is background. It should be eye-catching but not annoying. You can do whatever you like for your but I am going with a classic solid color. To do this on the left hand side there are tools select the one that looks like a paint bucket.

Then choose your colors using the 2 squares underneath the tools. It will open a color palet with multiple versions and sliders. Use which ever method you are comfortable with to find the color you wish to have as a back ground.

Next I want to paint a Simple Image onto the background. Since I am going with a minimalistic take on the image I will more than likely take a couple of tries to get this right. Click on the paint brush tool on the left and make any changes to the type of the brush on the top right. Further changes such as size and opacity are on the lower left. Play around with it until you are satisfied.

To make my life easier I draw one half. Then click on the square select tool. And surround the image portion I like. I leave a small bit out for overhang later. I can then right click on the box and go to Edit and press Copy.

Then by clicking outside of the box I made I can go to the Top Menu. Select Image, Transform, Flip Horizontally.

Then right click on the image go to Edit and find paste in Place. This will paste the image you copied without flipping it.

Now go to the very bottom right. There should be an image of an anchor in a green box. Click on the anchor to save the changes to your image.

You might have to cut, use the paint bucket to fill in back ground holes, paste, move things, and re-anchor things multiple times.

Go back to you paint brush tool and connect anything not connected.

Now this is not Microsoft Paint so you can not just use the bucket tool to fill it in. You will have change some settings first. Underneath the area where you pick your colors there are channels which include for the tool you are using. Click the paint bucket change the Setting so it says Fill in By Line Art Detection.

Now you can click inside your art. You may have to fix some trouble areas with the Paint brush tool. Add small details if you would like.

Great. Posters need to advertise what they are about. Since this is a promotion of a kids hero camp that will be the large main lettering. In the tools box on the left click the large ‘A’. You can play around with the letters size and color on the right. To see examples of the typface change the channel on the top right to letters. Drag it and turn it until you have it where you want.

When you like it go to the bottom right and right click on the layer with the letter ‘A’ on it. You want to find and click Merge Down. This will make it permanately part of the background.

Now lets include informational text. This is so fake parents can call, email, and know more info about our fake camp. Usually this is smaller lettering located on the bottom.

You are going to want to center these as well and then do the same merge down. Great that looks like something I would have given my parents.

To save click on File on the top left and click Export As.

Give it a name, a type ( I like jpeg), and a place to live. Since this is part of my bigger project I will put it in a specific folder.

On the next window do not change anything just click export.

All done

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