Time with Daffney

Where it ends up we will never know.

I don’t really listen to podcasts and the radio gets so annoying due to all the advertisements. I tend towards online streaming services or just listening to what I have on my Ipod. I like music not idle chatter. I have also never listened to an audio book before, I might check one of those out after all this is over. I always thought those productions had sounded fake, prerecorded, and they didn’t hold my interest.

Yet all I needed was to find better stories. In the interview of Ira Glass he explained that telling stories in a non-visual way works differently. One of the tips he gives is giving a story momentum with simple anecdotes of what happens next. Not just jumping around but going through simple steps that eventually lead to a conclusion that is worth all the effort. The second tip Mr. Glass gives is that it is okay to abandon a bad story. Not all ideas are diamonds and you will need to hack away to realize whether to keep going or move on. Moving on is not a failure but creates the opening for a success. On that note though it is also okay if what you produce is not the best. The third tip is to be okay with your beginning work not being where you want it to be. You will learn, you will get better, and practice makes you greater. The last tip given by Mr. Ira Glass is actually on working on yourself. Do not try to be someone else, be you in all that you do. If you are imitating someone you will go nowhere because that person already exists. His last point was merely to remind people who are starting on this adventure that people tune in to hear and experience your interaction. Don’t focus on yourself and don’t let your host focus on themselves. Interact with not only each other but the environment to create a captivating story.

That is why we all start these kinds of things. To share a story we felt was interesting or worthy of being shared. What if you don’t have a story? Well in speech given by Jad Abumrad he explained that being creative is hard. There is no one that is automatically born to be successful in what they do 100% of the time. You will have moments where it all goes wrong, where you don’t have what you need. This creates that gut wrenching sensation that we all hate. It feels like you are failing. So how do you succeed. Well according to Mr. Abumrad don’t be afraid to get an idea and throw it away; not everything works (sound familiar?). Try new things you might like the new direction. Take feedback serious…sometimes. Recognize when people are trying to help you and sometimes when there are only those who are trying to hurt you doesn’t always mean they are right. Angry people are loud and your support will be quite, it does not mean they are not there. He makes one thing clear in his speech. If you really want to do something, and do it well, it is going to be hard and imperfect. Do not be easily dissuaded by the bad times…instead use them.

From them I learned that storytelling is more than just talking. It is about what you don’t say. Let the background sound paint a picture in peoples mind, like when you read a book. Try mixing music, sound affects, and volume controls to lead people. Use your voice to maximize the experience, but don’t let it drown everything out. Don’t be afraid to play around with ideas. User your bad times to lead you to a better version. Don’t give up.

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