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Where it ends up we will never know.

Homophones are sooo much fun to play with. A homophone is a word that sounds like another but they have different meanings. So the epic rap battles that seem to happen all the time online I thought hey I can make a poem. It is not as easy as it sounds. Especially when given a grammatic tools to use like homophones. So tell me how well my poem will do.

I sew sweet seams; So my suite is bigger than it seems.

I have to see the right piece, So I stare at the sea to write in peace.

Then in the distance a nun and a maid meet on the beach, None of them made meat to eat.

You can hear an idol in the night, The knight are not idle but they stay here at the inn.

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You Won a Chance to make One

Research on your own or google a list of homophones. Making the poem/short story is the hard part. Once you have that read through it a couple of times, if you don’t you will find yourself tripping over the words.

Open Audacity to begin recording.

Record yourself reciting the poem/story. Do it as many times as you need to get a workable sound. To delete an audio track click the small x on the top left side of the specific sound you want to delete (not the program).

Time to edit. Listen to it a couple of times. You can highlight certain sections to play that specific area multiple times. If an area is highlighted and you click on the Backspace button it will delete it. Once it is cohesive and to a place you like we can move on.

On the very bottom left of the sound there is a little arrow next to the word select. Press it to collapse the sound window. It does nothing to your actual sound just makes it visually easier to focus on the other one.

Click on File, Import, and then Audio. Add the music you want. Since we are doing something with words it is best to avoid music with words. My music does not reach the entirety of my poem!

No problem. Highlight the music and click on Edit then click Copy. finally click on the tail end of the music. Add it in. Be careful to take notice when and how the sounds repeat, this will make your stitching more flawless.

Now the music extends over time. Highlight everything that runs over. Hit the backspace button to simply delete it.

Last portion Highlight the end portion of the music. Go to Effect and find Fade Out.

This will drop the music slowly to that it fades out with the voices.

Now to save it in an easy to use file. Go to File, click Export as, and choose mp3. Pick a destination, give it a name, and hit export. You will accept anything it asks you about it turning into one file. When it asks for information put whatever you are comfortable with.

Congrats! Homophone homies.

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