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I am always happy to meet new friends, but due to the pandemic it has become hard. So I started to volunteer at my church on my free time again. Comes to find out there was a couple of kids in the younger age groups who are having a real hard time. They are deaf, so is most of their families, and no one else in our church really knows sign language. Usually they have one of the family members translate for the or some of them can even read lips. They are all different ages, different families, and yet they are so far away they are alone.

With the pandemic forcing everyone far away while covering with masks and keeping everyone busy people with disabilities have essentially been pushed aside and forgotten. So I wanted to make them a video so they can see me and know who I am before we become virtual pen pals. So maybe this is our way to talk. They may not need the music, but it makes me feel happier to know that maybe they can feel the music through the speakers.

Hi little friends, don’t be sad. Things are hard now but they can and will get better. You can send me a letter, email, picture, or video of things you did on your awesome day!

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What do you have to say?

So I admit I went about this task in a convoluted way. But windows got rid of movie maker which makes this a million times harder, for no reason.

First supplies you need index cards and markers.

Flash card story

Start writing your story.

Flash card story

Number them on the back to make easier for you to remember the order.

Flash card story

Then reverse the order to get them set up.

Flash card story

Go to Youtube and start a live stream.

Fill out the name of the video and the info necessary to get started.

Just so you are aware there is a photo taken at the very beginning, be prepared.

Great now press Go Live and start recording. Go through you cards making sure they make it on to the screen, count to around 5, and then move on to the next. On the bottom of the recording session there is a red button that says End/Finish press it. Click Edit in Studio.

Next trim any unnecessary time off the video, don’t worry about much else.

Save it and go back to your content folder, download the video you just made.

Open up video editor. Click on New Video Project.

Now we get to put the pieces together. On the top leftish click the little pencil to edit the name of the video.

Give it a good name.

Click Add Title Card on the lower right hand side. You want to change the color of the title screen you can.

Just click on background. I made 2 since you will need a finishing screen as well. Add text by Highlighting one and clicking Text on the lower right hand side.

Now in the box to the left of your preview screen click Add, from Computer, and find the video you downloaded from youtube.

Click open. Then Drag and drop it into the streamline of the movie.

You can edit the visual affects of the video, length, and other aspects.

Once back on the regular screen hover over where you added the youtube video to the movie, a little sound icon should appear in the lower right corner of the tile. Click on it and mute the video. We don’t want to hear the flipping of the cards.

Once you have added all the videos and text boxes you want click Custom Audio in the top right hand corner.

On the right hand side click Add Audio File.

Find your song and click Open.

Using the sliders that appear on the left side below the screen adjust when and where you want to add the music to play. You can do this with multiple sounds.

Press Done when finished.

Watch it once through to see if you like it. Once satisfied go to the upper right hand side and click Finish Video.

Name the video. Click export.

Choose where it will save. This may take some time.

Go back to Youtube. Delete the old video.

Then upload the new video you just finished creating.

Fill out all the information for your video.

Set the privacy. Click Save.

All loaded and ready.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this!!! This is so sweet and so creative! Very well done! Your tutorial on how you created your video was very in depth! I usually like to make a video so in case anyone is following my steps they can see exactly the steps as I completed as opposed to maybe missing something in images.

  2. Hey Daffney, this video was really cute and I loved the story behind it! Your tutorial was super well done, including every little step and image takes a lot of time! Great Job!

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