Time with Daffney

Where it ends up we will never know.

Have you ever been somewhere new but felt like you have been there before? You know them, you have seen them, and you have escaped. Don’t let your guard down they can come for you again at any time. They try to trick you into staying. Make sure you don’t stay for too long or you will never return. Listen to what happens to Allen.

Tale of Allen – Daffney Myers

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Make Your Story Pop!

Time to make your own story pop. My first big suggestion is keep everything in one folder! I created a THEM STORY folder in my class folder.

Alright time to record I will be using the Audacity program for mine. Things can get pretty complex but I am trying to keep it simple.

Click on the button with the Red Circle to start recording. You click the Black Square to stop. Practice a couple of times to get any setting down correct. Right below the play, pause, and stop you can pick where your mic and headphones are coming from.

Now do 1 recording for keeps, do it as many times as you want. Now listen to it 1 to three times. Using the tool next to the Red Record button that looks like an ‘I’ you can highlight small portions and to hear that specific point.

When you hit an area which should be silent but you hear background clicks or other noise you can hit the button that is next to the undo arrows towards the bottom of the Top Tool bar. It looks like two squiggly lines connected by a smaller straight line. Go small piece by small piece, this will take time.

The above selection was an unwanted stutter in my stuff that I needed to get rid of. You can Highlight it, go to the very top and click Edit, click Cut (Highlight one section, hit BackSpace on your keyboard to just delete).

Sometimes you will also have to do this to large empty spaces.

Now that you have cleaned up your recording add in your sound affects and music. Go to the top menu click File and press Import then Audio. Careful this stuff I will be focusing on will be useful for ambient repetative sounds ONLY.

Navigate and find your Audio. Do one at a time since you have to manipulate each one.

Click Open. On the audio you can go to the little arrow at the very bottom left of the track and click to collapse to focus easier on the new track. Now as you see my music doesn’t extend far enough. That will be a quick fix.

Highlight a section near the middle, go to the top menu and click Edit, Click Copy, click the end of the of the original sound. Click Edit and then paste.

Now go back to the original sound portion and get rid of the tail end of the sound so it won’t sound too choppy.

It also extends past our story so delete any extra.

Now a fun thing to do is fade out the music at the end. Highlight a smallish portion of the end of the music, go to the top menu and click Effect, and find and click Fade Out.

You can collapse this audio if you have more selective sounds to add.

Import the audio.

Using the highlight and cut and paste techniques we have used you can break up a sound to pieces or have sections repeat.

Using the double headed arrow you can then shift sounds without cutting and pasting but just sliding it left and right.

Do this however many times you like or need to. You will be listening to it multiple times. Messing with sliders on the right of the sounds affects that specific sound ONLY. So I made the supplemental sounds quitter and you can also make it sound out of one side louder than the other to give it depth.

Now to save it all. Click save will be and audacity file. Use File, Export as, and Export as an mp3. Click where you want it to go and give it a name.

Press ok.

Place your info in.

Tada and done.

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