Time with Daffney

Where it ends up we will never know.

Nothing says I love you like a special Valentines Card, but we are no longer five so lets up the game we play.

I will be doing this in an odd way, but I have found that I like to do things this way when I need a simple picture. Start up PowerPoint Presentation to an empty slide.

Now I would like to start with the background. Go to the top menu, click Insert, click Image, Shape, and I will choose the rectangle for my cards shape.

On the top bar you can change the color, fill effect, and the outline. Make your base based on how much you will be adding to the card.

Find a main image, I found mine on fandom.org. I do not own fandom.org, Hazbin Hotel, or VivziePop. Save the image and then click insert, Image, and from computer.

Continue to add in pictures and designs like hearts, flowers, and roses.

Now highlight all the pictures, graphics and the background. On the top menu click Shape Format. Click on Arrange, group, then group again.

Now let us add in a text box and type a witty message. Go to insert and click Text then add it to the picture. Be careful with your colors, to those who are impaired (I was recently taught) that red can be seen as black.

Now we are going to group the background with the text.

Now you can right click on the group. Click on Save as Image.

Give it a name, a file type, and a location to save.

Great you are done and have made your very own Valentines Card!

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