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Where it ends up we will never know.

For a job I have created in my universe I will be making a job intro video for all those new hires! I will be doing it via PowerPoint since most of those job videos look like they were made on power point anyway.

So my best suggestion is make a simple PowerPoint presentation like you would normally. Since this is a video don’t forget to add in your title screen.

Now you can make a video directly from PowerPoint. Practice how you will sound and speak. You can do the recording multiple times, but doing it less often makes you feel so much better in the end. To record go to the top menu and click on Slideshow, on the lower menus find Record Slide Show, and make sure to click From the Beginning.

Then you will click the large red button on the top left. You will be given a countdown so be ready. Record all the way to the end. It will stop once you completely finish. If you make a mistake and would like to redo ALL of the recording press stop (the Square next to the red button) and restart the process.

Now that we have our recording we need our movie. Go to the top menu and click on File, Export, and click on Create a Video.

When the choices come up again play click on Create Video again.

Now give it a name, a location, and click save. Since I will be doing more to this “movie” I will name it something simple.

Now this may take some time. Close PowerPoint once it is done. Open the Video Editor next.

On the top right click on import. Find where you saved the video it may seem empty just click on Import from this file. At first it will tell you there is nothing and then give you a list of possible things including your video. Click on it and then click import.

A blue ribbon shows up saying Show Recent. Click on it.

On the top right click on select. Select your video.

Then on the top left click the button that says New. Then Start New Video Project.

Give it a name. This might be the one you keep so remember that.

Now I will add a “Title Card”, located on the bottom right, to make an ending for this movie that I can edit.

You can edit the title card on the bottom right as well.

Now on the top right you can add Background Music. Custom Audio allows you to pick your own music rather than using the ones provided.

Click on Add Audio on the right to look for your music.

Look for your file and open it. Using the sliders on the bottom choose where it starts and ends.

The music is currently too loud. On the right there is a thumbnail of the song. Click on the volume on the lower right of the thumbnail and bring the volume down. You can listen to it to see how it sounds. Now click Done.

If you are happy with it you can now click on Finish Video.

Then click Export.

Pick where it is going and click the Export button.

This may take some time.

Now head over to your YouTube creators studio. Click on upload on the top right of the site.

Click on select file.

Find your file and click open.

Fill out the necessary information.

Choose who gets to see your video. Then click save.

Congrats on your video.

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