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Where it ends up we will never know.

Before you get to hear me complain let me just say I fully endorse taking this class. Just not in a 3-week super compressed setting. The things you will be doing in this class and the skills you will be practicing take time. This class is so much fun when you think of what you are doing, but if you limit yourself with extreme time constraints like I have you might regret not getting the full experience. Just hear me out…

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Why Did You?

Lets hear it from the horses mouth. You might want to prepare and practice the speech, it will make things easier on you later. Some more helpful tips…it is easier to delete silence then to look for every um, like, and stretched noise. But don’t be too serious we want to hear YOU.

Boot up Audacity and record your story. Click that shiny Red Circle Record Button to get the ball rolling.

Now the longest part. Go little piece by little piece. Find imperfections, unwanted noises, and too long spaces and cut them out.

Highlight what you don’t need and hit the backspace button to delete it.

Told you huge spaces are easier to find than the word uhm.

Now you sound gorgeous but tell us how you feel and who you are via music. Pick out some ambiance and import it in. Go to the very top menus, click File, Import, find you selection, and hit Import.

It is in but it needs some work. Raise your voice levels using the sliders to the right. The track with your voice you want more of (+) and the track with the music you want less of (-). Play around with that until you have just enough.

Now clip the extra music that you don’t need. You can have music that goes longer than you do, I personally don’t like it.

Highlight the small portion of the end of the music track and click on Effect on the top Menu. Find and click on Fade out.

Now our music will diminish on its own!

To save click File, Export as, mp3. This will smoosh everything down to one easy to read and share track.

Pick where to save it, name it, and hit Save. Press OK on the bottom warning, we want the smoosh.

You can even add in the Track/Album info here.

Done! Let us know your thoughts on ds106.

One thought on “No One To Blame But Me

  1. I really feel you on this! I’m also a senior and I needed one extra credit to graduate and since I heard so much about this class I decided this one was for me. The stress of this class has made it a really stressful experience. It is kind of comforting to hear that I’m not entirely alone in struggling with the compact schedule. I hope hearing other people feel the same way helps you too!

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