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Ok time to try my hand at video critiquing. I will be doing this in three awesome steps. First I will watch the video play through without any sound. Then I will listen to only the sound and not watch the screen. Lastly I will put it all together to see how much of a difference it all makes. The only thing I will know is that the playlist of videos will come from the Greatest Scenes Playlist. I will be doing the scene from Doctor Who.

I heard Nothing!

So there seem to be three main characters in play 2 men and 1 woman. They start off by entering from the left and running to the right; usually associated with a positive motion. They look up at some kind of eyeball monster. The position lets me know he is some kind of threatening entity. 1 of the men and the woman stay behind in the background in a group while the other man walks more forward than them. He is either a leader or more important in the story. The eyeball monster comes down to level with the more forward male. By coming down to his height it helps push the idea that male #1 is not only more important but the key role. Man #1 gets scanned and the camera shifts from his face which is relaxed, they monster, and then his face which is now looking very determined. Any shots containing the other companions contains them in the background towards the left. The man is always seen face forward and to the right, even in side profiles; I think all this added up makes him the good guy. When the camera does focus on the 2 companions there will still be something like and elbow of man #1 in the shot; he is definitely the star. The monster seems to be the only cloudy dark thing. The man seems to turn around and walk back, we don’t get to see his back much, but then is instantly shown walking forward. They show a single shot of him standing still at full height in the center from a lower angle; it is a power stance shot. The monster retreats backwards into the dark clouds and leaves. When it exits it leaves to the left. We get a couple reaction faces from all the characters the 2 companions up and to the right where the monster “was” and man #1 down to item in hand that is glowing. There is a close up of the item in the hand. Next man #2 and the woman turn towards the empty door in the back left, giving the impression man #1 ran through. The man is seen running out the front towards the right. Again most of this happens at eye level. The only over head shot is of man #1 running to the left through grass. Man #1 finds something and stands next to it right in the center. He opens and enters the blue box. As he enters we do not see his face, he is part of the background the blue boxes corner is the foreground. As man #1 enters we see his face light up and his eyes are draw up. There is a yellow tint to everything. When the other two companions arrive the woman is in the foreground and in the center while man #2 is in the back left. The blue box is to the right.

See No Evil

So the first sounds we hear are the sounds of a door, running, and the woman with a questioning tone. There is ominous music behind everything, it sounds like it is near the climax since there are more brass instruments than string and wind. There is more yelling and then the sound of like what used to be in old space movies, the laser sound. A deep voice replies, it sounds very authoritative. A calmer quieter male voice replies with a sassy snap back. The music starts to sound hopeful as the “Doctor” questions the deep voice. The deep voice replies in a negative but in a way that sounds like a petulant child not wanting to admit it is in the wrong. The music has moved on to adding in stronger drums and it feels like fight music. The quite man is slowly raising his voice and deepening his tone, so threatening the deep voice. Then he lowers is back down. The music has turned into the Christian choir singing doomsday opera. Then everything becomes quite and the Doctor speaks. The music starts back up again in a more triumphant march and as the Doctor starts to threaten the deeper voice the music becomes more threatening. Then a winners overture begins to play and there is a momentary weird noise that is hard to explain. Everyone seems to be breathing hard. The music starts to sound line exciting flutes than turn into an inquisitive sounding music. There is someone running. Then the music becomes dreamlike. There is a scratchy wheezing sound affect of something and a bang.

Putting It Together

Now I watched the scene in its entirety. The group comes charging in to confront the floating the eyeball. The Doctor character seems to be getting dressed in light clothing. As the music picks up intensity the Doctor is yelling at the monster that has floated down to display images in-between them. I noticed when the camera shoots the angle of the Doctor full body the shadows seemed to all point and go towards the Doctor. This was also when the music got quite, what a power move. The monster leaves which gives us the victory. Now time to go the blue box. Then I noticed when the characters all ran to the blue box they came from the right side. The blue box disappearing is the weird wheezing noise. Which is similar to the noise that appeared when the glowing key was pulled into attention.

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  1. I really liked seeing how you interpreted this scene. I used to watch Doctor Who in middle school with my family. I remember this being an iconic episode because it introduces the 11th Doctor. You were able to pull out so much information and I really liked what you noticed about this episode, stuff I didn’t even notice myself.

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