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Where it ends up we will never know.

Learning Tricks of the Trade are the first steps. I got to read a simplified version of some of the most important hints to pay attention to by Roger Ebert. I also got to see two examples. The first being the building of character using scene cuts between a face, an image, and a face again. The second technique that I learned which has become my favorite is the low point of view.

My analyzation is the chance for me to stretch my legs. I opened the playlist on YouTube and chose a video later down the line. I watched the video and took off my headphones. I would pause the video and write my notes down on things I had noticed. Then I put my headphones on played the video again. This one was harder since I still wanted to pause if need be. So I had to tilt my screen down to the point I couldn’t see the screen.

My videos hopefully make a good impression. I did this video for some kids who needed a Friend. And a craft time video for RA’s.

It’s a euphemism was an interesting daily create, there was so many to choose from. I decided to use one that I had learned via movie. I also like making simple images with just words and simple shapes. Look at my Vitamin ad.

Trying to be Helpful

Stella Swopes’ Music Mashup-

Henry Mills Selling Drug (not really)-

Digital Leviathan Ordering Skit-

 Macy Mockenhaupt Winning the Game Story-

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