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Where it ends up we will never know.

My first true audio only story was Moon Graffiti and it is by The Truth Podcast. Now this story is a tragedy scene. It takes the fact that two speeches were prepared when America decided to try and put a man on the moon. One speech addressed our success, we know this because we lived through that specific event. The second speech was for the situation in which the brave astronauts that were sent were not coming back. The story follows Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin in the space craft. They attempt to land, crash, and realize they are stranded with no help. They go about doing checks and fulfilling their mission. Then you hear their desperation and get to almost step inside their heads. You breath their last breath with them before getting to hear the news spread over the radio. It is a touching and moving story that really takes the question of “what if” and runs with it. I highly recommend this piece it is very skillfully done.

Based on what I have learned on how to better audio story telling I am going to mention some of the things this audio did. So the audio started with a very basic bumper then transitioned to the stories time and sounds. There was a very spacey feeling ambient sound. Then as the astronauts talk the audio is expertly manipulated to make you feel like you are in the cock pit with them. Then silence, we head back to earth with a grainy radio voice to make it seem like now we are one of the millions waiting to hear reports on our nations possible success. Then we get a second full bumper and some back story and history. While the author is speaking the cadence matches that of the story. The music is still continuing in the back. The characters tell us what they are doing step by step. They explain what they are going to do before we hear sounds which match. As trouble enters the music changes and switches the mood. Even with the characters telling us what they are doing there is suspense with how they don’t explain everything. They don’t tell us what happened to the fuel tank/supply. The characters are very human with their emotions being played out with how they go through the stages of grief realizing they will be dying. We even hear an interesting sound when one of them goes into a panic attack. Then silence. Lastly we get to hear the speech that declares our astronauts dead. Then the exit after that dramatic finale. None of these sounds were played one by one. They was definite audio stacking throughout.

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