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Where it ends up we will never know.

Being a military brat is probably the worst thing to deal with. Constantly moving, changing schools, and having to leave good friends behind. I may not look it (don’t comment on that fact) but I am from an age that children did not have unlimited access to internet, phones, cell phones, or email. If you wanted to stay in contact you needed an address. That is the last thing you find out when you move in the military.

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So I spent most of my young childhood ostracized and alone. Then terror 1 arrived and a couple years later terror 2. At first they were not fun; babies on eat, sleep, cry, and wet themselves. I was 8-10 years old. Then when they were at the age ready to play I was at the prime age of LEAVE ME ALONE!

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Then our lives separated even more. They entered their more turbulent ages while I started to steady my life. I had in no way had it together, but I found myself siding with my parents more often than not. Trust me it was weird for me to. Then terror 1 went on her senior year trip to France before she would go to college. I moved into a college dorm with renewed determination to finish school. Terror 2 realized we may not be together and in each others hair for much longer. We were all stopped by this fact, especially how much we cared. We usually spend more time fighting.

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We had been looking forward to doing a sisters only trip now that most of us are above the “trusted to travel alone” age and fluent in one other language. Our plan had to been to do Europe over the summer…just us 3. So for the summer we decided that we would still enjoy Europe. We made a conscious effort to go out a get food and spend time with just each other. So here is the photo we got to take in “France”.

“France” with the Sister – Daffney Myers

Shortest flight we ever had. Food was questionable. This trip was better than any café, wink wink.

Come Along!

  1. I will be showing you one of the multiple ways to do this using gimp. First open the file with the people to keep. The more dominant they are the easier this will be.

Accept and convert any color profiles needed.

2. In the Layers window in the lower right, right click on the thumbnail of your picture. It should be the only layer in there right now. Once you right click look for Duplicate Layer and click.

3. On the top menus click on Colors and pick Saturation.

Drop it to nothing.

4. The next thing is back in the Colors Menu look for and click on Curves.

Using your mouse manipulate the line so it resembles the line below. The main goal is the people are more black and the background is white.

5. Great now go back to the Colors menu and click Invert.

6. It looks really weird I know, but hold on. Click the Edit menu. Find Copy Visible (not just copy) and click on that.

Now that we did that we no longer have to look at creepy ghost people. Go to the Layers bar on the bottom right. On the layer that holds the inverted picture click the little eye icon on the left of it. This will toggle the visibility.

7. Now in the Layers bar right click on the layer that holds the original picture (which you should now see). Click on Add Layer Mask. When the little window shows up DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING! Just click accept/ok.

8. Back to the funky look. Go to the Menus Bar and click on Edit. Find and click on paste.

9. By now most of the background should be gone. But we have some issues some of the people are missing parts and some of the background did not disappear. Never fear tedious work is here! On the top left, below the menus bar, click the little paintbrush tool. If it is not there it can be found in the Tools menu. Keep the colors on white and black.

Switch to white first (make it the color on the top left). Everywhere you want to keep something like my face in the above example paint over it with white. It will reappear like magic. Once you are done with that switch the colors so that the black is now the painting color. Go over what ever you do not want to keep. Change the size the brush size if needed.

Make sure to zoom out and check how your work is going.

10. Now if you look at the very bottom right corner there should be a little anchor icon. Click on it. On the Layers bar above that right click on the layer that has 2 thumbnails. You are going to want to merge the layers.

11. Now open the files manager and open to where you have the wanted background.

Drag and drop it onto the picture it will show up.

12. On the Layer bar click on the eye icon on the layer with the people. We are going to want to concentrate on the bacground for a little while.

13. On the Menus Bar click Tools. Then the Transform Tools. Click on the Scale tool.

While holding the control key on your computer drag the corners to keep the picture centered, without stretching, and make sure to do it evenly by pulling on the corners. You might want to make the image go over where the edge of the photo is to make sure there is no awkward white space.

14. Time to put the people back in. Go back to the Layers bar on the bottom right. On the layer of the people click on the box that is supposed to hold the eyeball. It should be visible now.

15. Congrats on your travels where ever they may take you. To save it go to File and click export as. Here you will then name it, give it a file type like jpeg, and click export. If you only save it will save a gimp file only.

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