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Where it ends up we will never know.

What a hectic semester! Being creative on the drop of a dime is definitely a new and trying experience. Story telling is truly an art form and learning to add in design elements, audio, video, and animated gifs was a lot of fun. To then turn those elements as the way the story got told was an interesting take I had not considered.

Story telling had always simply reading a book, listening to a reader, or watching a movie. I had never really thought about the parts of those that created the stories I was so invested into. Learning to pay attention to colors, lighting, directions, shadows, and the background. Giving weight to angles and colors. These were new to me in name but somewhat familiar in concept. Here are some of the concepts in play and how I used them in these items.


Camp Poster

Charity Flyer

Valentines Card

To Do List

Job Intro Video

Radio Ad

I hope you enjoy Thicker Than Water. This is the story I used to showcase all I had learned.

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