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College is finally starting back up and we are going HOME! As an RA you have 100,000 things to do and get ready for your classes as well as your own move in. Now you have to get your hall ready and make the all time favorite door decorations. What are you to do?

Worry not there are a million and one ideas out there for you. Here is the door decs that I made for my hall this semester. Make sure you give yourself enough time to do this. You are going to need scissors, colorful paper, glue, markers, and a printer. I am going off the method of using a self-made stencil.

First you are going to need choose a theme and decide what characters you are going to use. The simpler they are the better, these little things took me well over 7 hours of total work.

Once you have theme google a picture that you would like to use as a stencil. Save it on a word document and print it.

The Stencil I used found on Pinterest

Now follow the example in the video below!

Awesome job! Now all that is left is your hall meetings….hopefully at least 2 residents show up this time.

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Make Your Own How To…

Now we need to get necessary supplies, since this is a how to video make sure you video yourself getting everything together. Don’t worry about talking in those videos we will be using implications to tell the story.

Great. Now to get the videos (try to not make them too long) off your phone upload them to flickr. From here you can download all the videos onto your computer.

I suggest putting them in a folder inside the project folder.

Open Video Editor and click on new Project. Name it.

On the left white screen click the blue Add button.

Choose from this PC. And go to where you saved all the videos.

To make it easy you can press the first video, Shift, and then click the last video. Then press open. If the videos do not load you have to download the extensions, 1 is free the other is not.

The video Editor can not be open if while they download or install. Once you install everything should be fixed and load like normal. So the first thing to do is add in your title card.

Add Title Card is on the bottom to the right. In the same area you can add in your personal touch by changing the color and adding in text.

You can add in a clip that you recorded by dragging it down to the bottom. The menu will now also include video editing. So trim the video and get rid of the noise of the video.

You can get rid of the volume by hovering over the little thumbnail of the clip, clicking on the little sound, and dragging the sound to zero.

Do this until everything is done and added in. Finally go up to the right and click add in custom music.

Click on this pc, find and open the song you wish to add.

Use the sliders beneath the video to adjust the song. When you are happy click Done.

When you are satisfied click Finish Video on the top right.

Name it, give it a location, and click Export.

Now go to YouTube Studio.

Click the Create button on the top right. You are going to want to Upload Videos.

Click Upload again.

Find the video you just made and click it then press Open.

Fill out all the necessary information (accidently deleted this photo sorry). It may take some time. It should show after that is all done.

Congrats on your Crafting video….please don’t become like 5-minute Crafts.

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