Time with Daffney

Where it ends up we will never know.

I can do better. For the most part reading through the syllabus on either Sunday or Saturday (I have forgotten which day I received it) filled me with dread. As I read what was handed out as a warning I could feel my anxiety build and a little voice in the back of my head say, “You are already bad at online classes…do you really want to do a COMPRESSED online class on something you avoid?”.

Which led to my first major misstep, Monday rolled around and I did NOTHING! I had a clean list of things I needed to read, do, set up, and start and I did nothing.

Finally on Tuesday I got the ball rolling. I decided I did not want any of this stuff getting lost in the ocean that is my current inbox so step one was creating a new gmail account to link everything back to. I read instructions, looked at videos, set up a flikr account, twitter account, and soundcloud account. Then I called it a day… before realizing that was equally bad and deciding to take a couple pictures and try to get family members to send pictures to me. I realized (around the time I was setting up the gravatar account) that I am not a picture taker nor am I a picture keeper. I take pictures on very rare occasions, send them to my siblings or parents, and then promptly delete them. I am a social media nightmare. I also started to customize my website to how I wanted it to look, I didn’t finish as it got late. There were so many options, but choosing one reset all the work I had done, which was pretty frustrating. I am also still not all that clear on how to build one without a template.

Picture of some yarn in desperation

Wednesday is by far the worst. I have spent so much time finishing up the customization of the website I had done none of the other basic things! I added photos to flikr, tweeted my hello, added my website to the list, downloaded audacity to make something for soundcloud, and to my horror realized I had forgotten to initialize video making on youtube. So I made a vimeo account, which then I have no idea how to get my video. The short video I did make ended up in draft limbo, unable to save and download unless I am willing to pay for pro. Which once you start to learn more about me you will realize will never happen….I am cheap. Between trying to make a video, dinner, and the panic that settled over my being I almost decided to drop the class.

Then my lovely sister came in with words of god sent advice, “Just turn in what you have.” So this is what I have.

Twitter hello:

Fliker Photos on account:

Christmas spirit
This one is of our Christmas tree. I wanted to use all of them at one point.

Introduction soundcloud:

About me page I am currently using as front page:

I never got that movie to work… so I will look more into that. I was also confused by the daily creates. I will be emailing my professor for more information about those.

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