Time with Daffney

Where it ends up we will never know.

It was mocking her. It was silly the poster was something that looked like a child made in a haste and was geared towards something that once brought her joy. Why her apartment building, which was mostly young professionals, held a poster for kids camp like it was a prized art piece was beyond Liza.

“You remember when you went to one, you loved it!” he said.

She ignored him and the poster and stomped out of the building. She had a long list of things to do and Liza was not going to allow anything or anyone slow her down. Liza pulled out her list ran down the list of things she needed to do. It was time to get fuel. The grocery store was thankfully near her apartment. As she passed a woman a flyer was shoved into her hands.

“They help us so please help us come together and help them back!” the boy was saying over and over as he shoved a paper in everyone’s hands. Liza looked down at the paper.

She politely took it, turned the corner, and shoved it down the nearest recycle compacter.

“Now is that really necessary? It’s harmless and good for community service. It also takes the least amount of effort on your part.” His smug face pissed her off. She snatched the paper he was handing to her and threw into the compactor as well.

Once her grocery list was completed she took the items home and put them away. She glanced at her list.

“Do we really have to do everything today?” He whined.

“You aren’t doing anything so don’t complain.” Liza snapped back. Taking a deep breath she got ready. She had things to do. Flowers…she would need flowers. Back to the stores. Unfortunately everything had hearts and letters of love. She liked to look at some of the funny cards. There was one of that old t.v. show, she was pretty sure the character was the villain and a cannibal.

How is a cannibal a good valentines card? She had things to do so Liza decided it was not something to focus on.

Time to make an office visit. She was supposed to introduce herself to the new workers.

“Fresh meat, fresh meat, fresh meat…” He was getting annoying.

“Can you just sit in a corner while I do this.” She entered the office. She wanted this day to be over with, it was supposed to be her day off and she was still coming into work. She walked in just as they finished the last of the intro videos.

That was not sketchy. God if these people only knew what they were really signing up for. She waited patiently in the back of the room to be introduced. Once brought to the center of attention Liza introduced herself. She really was only going through the motions at this point.

She finished that up and headed out. She looked down at her list, when did she finish it all?

“Wow time flys when you do boring chores.”

Liza ignored him. She had some time to kill….she hated that wording. She walked to the bar nearest her apartment. She wanted to the noise to just drown out the thoughts.

“Remember when going to places like this was exciting. This is just sad”

Liza agreed with him silently. Heck there wasn’t even music playing just some ad for one of those useless law firms. They should really be considered a scam at this point, everyone knew they couldn’t help you.

She was done being sad around people so she went home.

“Come on stop ignoring me…why won’t you talk to me.”

Liza ignore him.

“We can talk about your favorite subject. New, up and coming hero’s!” He was not giving up today.

Liza whispered her reply, “you know why.” Suddenly the room felt colder. She shouldn’t have replied.

“I am your big brother, just because I had to retire from hero work doesn’t mean I am incapable doing normal stuff.” His reply hung in the air for a while.

“You’re not real. I had to investigate you, you raped, killed and extorted those families. I had to pull the trigger, but I didn’t know.” She didn’t know when she started breathing so hard. She was crying…when did that start?

“I didn’t know…I didn’t know it was you…I didn’t know you were such a monster. You were my hero. You’re gone, you’re not real.” Liza curled up in the corner trying to breath.

“Is is the 29’th. My name is Elizabeth. I am in my house alone. I kill hero’s who break the law and use their powers wrongly. I love my job.” She desperately repeated trying to calm down and get rid of the image of her dead brother. She knew if she looked now he would look like the last time she saw him.

Her bullet lodged into his head bleeding from the two holes in his head.

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