Time with Daffney

Where it ends up we will never know.

Years ago my evil sisters wanted to go see some rated R movie. I was in school and had a job so I was not up to date with what was in theaters. I was tired and somehow my school break coincided with a day off from work. I was so happy.

After sleeping in and taking my time with breakfast, which happened around 1 p.m. I was told that I needed to start getting ready and take my sisters to the mall and go see a movie. I was old enough I could take one person in, my middle sister could get in on her own, and the youngest was the only one I needed to worry about.

We arrive at the mall and as expected for the weekend it is packed to the limit. The movie they wanted to see was sold out for the initial time, but was available later. I had never heard of it, The Shape of Water, but was told it was a thrilling sci-fi movie. I love science fiction based movies so I thought nothing of it. I assumed the R rating came down to swearing and gore.

My sisters and I strolled around the mall killing time waiting for the movie to begin. With 20 minutes to spare we headed back and queued up for some popcorn and sodas. The beginning trailers seemed to follow along my thought process. Horror/Thriller sci-fi movies that would be up and coming in the year. I did not know how wrong I was.

Yes, there is some gore to the movie. A cop has a festering wound but that is not why it got its R rating. The sex scenes are the reason. I nearly dumped all the popcorn on the floor trying to cover my youngest sisters ears and eyes. I knew the minute I got home, they would blab, and I would be blamed. So out of frustration here is what I think that movies poster should have looked like.

It’s True – Daffney Myers

Thankfully my Mom had heard the way the girls had explained it to me and I got off easy. I don’t trust them often and will always double check on them.

Your Turn

  1. Open gimp. Open the original picture of the poster.

2. Zoom in on the Title area. On the top left by the Menus select the Rectangle Select Tool

3. With the tool equipped surround the name.

4. Now click the dropper tool. Pick up the color that is around the words.

5. Now click the bucket. In the lower menu you are going to want FG to be chosen and Fill Whole selection.

6. Now click within the rectangle surrounding the Title.

7. Go back to the Rectangle Selecting tool and click anywhere outside of the rectangle.

8. Now Click on the large ‘A’ or the Text Tool. Make your box right over where you colored in. On the left change the font by typing it in or look for one. Change the color and size. Put Justify to the Center.

9. Once you are ready click inside the Text Box and start typing.

10. On the bottom right where there are layer options right click on the one with the letter ‘A’ on it. Look for and click Merge Down.

11. Select the Smudge Tool and lighten the edges of your box.

12. Now with gimp you have to export to be able to save. Hard I know but true. So click File , Export As, and give it a name and type. Congrats on the new Movie title it is easier to know what it is about.

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